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Field Operation Services

Field ServicesField Operation Services

LS Gallegos offers a variety of Field Operation Services.  LSG has extensive experience in the coordination of multi-utility issues, which include dealing with multiple owners.  Our supervisors plan, schedule, and coordinate field activities to achieve production objectives. This includes determining equipment necessary for effective field operation and knowledge of equipment safety and procedures. LSG is experienced in supervising and leading teams to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.  We have the ability to plan work according to the priority standards, so that it is completed within the established budget and given time.  This consists of providing the organization accurate information, measurements and quantities. LSG is skilled in analyzing statistical data, record keeping and preparing relevant reports while closely monitoring and documenting work progress with an emphasis on maintaining project schedules and deadlines.

LSG has had a lot of work involving roadway and bridge design implementation, rock drilling, blasting, slope stabilization techniques, micro-piling, mechanically stabilized earth walls and organizing compound removals and relocations. LSG services such as civil, electrical, mechanical, systems, architectural finishes and inspection has played major roles in Airport Land Side, Air Side facilities, rail transit and bus rapid transit projects.  Other areas of expertise include traffic control supervision, storm water management, erosion control and concrete and materials inspection.